Ascoval, one of the most modern and state-of-the-art steel shop in Europe, is looking for a strategic partner.

Ascoval is a steelmaking plant that produces continuous cast rounds bars (“CCR”) in various diameters (from Ø180 to Ø325 mm) in carbon and alloy steel (up to 13% Cr). It also produces forged products (from Ø110 to Ø250 mm).

Ascoval is not currently active on the market as it serves only two clients (on the one hand, its minority shareholder Vallourec and on the other hand, Schmolz + Bickenbach, that recently acquired most of Asco Industries’ assets but did not acquire Ascoval shares). The two clients are bounded by a “Take or Pay” type of agreement that ensure the continued operations of Ascoval at least until 31 January 2019.

Such supply agreement will remain effective during the formal acquisition process that has been launched by the Co-Administrateurs Judiciaires but will come logically to an end if and at the time Ascoval shares or business is acquired by a third party.

The equipment consists of:


90 t / 115 MVA SMS Concast Electric Arc Furnace

15 MVA Ladle Furnace

Vacuum Oxygen Degassing unit (VOD) – twin tanks

4 strands caster Danieli – bow type ; 12 m radius

Forging shop GFM with heat treatment


The plant has an area of 245000 m² and is located near Valenciennes (North of France) at the crossroad of major highways. The plant is connected to railway network and Escaut River. Scrap is abundant in the region.

The equipment is in excellent condition; 150 m€ have been invested in the last 10 years.

Production amounted to 190 kt in 2017 and is planned at 245 kt in 2018.

Capacity of the plant is between 250 and 500 kt/year depending on product-mix and number of shifts. Available building and surface allow extensions and new processes development.



For further information, please contact:


Guillaume BERAUD, Directeur Général / General Manager –

The Saint-Saulve steel mill will write a new page in its history
thanks to a modernized and efficient plant

The plant

A modernized and efficient plant

The equipment is in excellent condition. 150 m€ have been invested in the last 10 years (in particular a new continuous casting machine and a new electric arc furnace).

Flexible product scheduling

High flexibility of the product scheduling with very short leadtime (from one week to one day)

Safety and Environment

Excellent results in terms of Safety and Environment.

Continuous casting machine (CCR)

The factory produces several diameters, ranging from 180 mm to 325 mm, in carbon and alloy steels. The factory also produces forged products with a diameter of between 140 and 220 mm.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, IBR (Indian Boiler Regulation), TüV PED97/23/CE+AD2000

Connections for transport

The plant is connected to road and railway networks and to the Escaut River.

Scrap yard (13000 m²)
Electric arc furnace – 90 t
Ladle furnace
Vacuum Oxygen Degassing unit (VOD) – twin tanks
4 strands continuous casting machine
Forging shop with heat treatment